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lovelocaltraining workshops run across Lancashire and have been attended by hundreds of delighted delegates over the last few years. We’re very proud of the consistently high levels of feedback received. All our interactive workshops are composed by Training Director Rachel Kay, they’re carefully structured to suit all learning styles and engage everyone from staff to directors.


Below you’ll find the story behind each of the workshops we offer:


Having run her own businesses since 2005, first in Bath, then in the Far East and finally up in Lancashire, Rachel has spent over 12 years networking. Over this time Rachel has discovered the most important skill a networker can develop, learned quick and easy confidence boosters, why small talk is so important and how to craft a killer sixty-second pitch. These skills and much more have been packed into a morning’s workshop – Network With Confidence – to help businesses across Lancashire improve their networking skills and maximize their return on every event they and their staff attend.


Rachel spent her first 8 years of gainful employment in corporate life. Before she left, 50% of her working day was spent in meetings. Often unproductive, usually frustrating and more often than not unnecessary, these meetings made the whole department less productive and, ultimately, were a real waste of time, money and resources. Since then, Rachel has researched ways to combat this and to get the very best out of all attendees. She’s brought tried and tested techniques together and devised a simple framework which will change the way you do meetings – for good – that has become our Magic Meetings workshop.


An IT Project Manager and Team Leader back in the day, Rachel had to make sure projects were delivered on time and on budget, also that staff were performing optimally and communicating well. She has always been keen to find out what makes people tick and work at their best within a team. Our Comms & Teamwork workshop draws on various techniques and top approaches that Rachel has used and discovered over the years – in employment, when running a bespoke cleaning business in Bath and through involvement in various voluntary groups and committees. The workshop is hands-on, enjoyable, and will transform the way you communicate, encourage better understanding and increase productivity.


While living abroad in China and Singapore between 2008-2010, Rachel embraced a passion for alternative therapies and became a fully qualified Kinesiologist, Reflexologist and Reiki Master. As a practising therapist for three years she helped countless clients both in the Far East and then the UK to leave negativity, anxiety and self doubt behind and live more fulfilled, happy and productive lives. An advocate of lifelong learning and self-improvement, Rachel completed her NLP Master Practitioner training in 2017 adding another highly effective set of techniques to her tool-box. In our A More Resilient You workshop, Rachel has selected the very best tools, tips and tricks to show you how to build resilience, improve your productivity, ditch negativity, increase confidence and get happy – becoming the very best you that you can be.


Juggling time when running projects and supervising staff is a must. Those who know Rachel will be aware that she’s keen to make good use of every second of life, whether at work or at leisure – and that she loves learning new productivity hacks and techniques to extract even more! The very best of these, including some of her own top-tips, have been assembled into a fast-paced interactive session – Time Mastery – which will give you more time in your day and more day in your time. If you’re running your own business this workshop will also help free up more time for you. Get productive, stop wasting time, achieve more by doing less, perfect!


For more information or to book your workshop just fill in our contact form below. We can run workshops at your office or site or off-site at our partner locations.

workshop feedback

"Spot on, the right pace, nice and relaxed approach, very conducive to learning and the notes are brilliant, thanks!"

Mike Wilson (Affilius Group)

"Really exceeded my expectations and has given me some great tools to work with...I will certainly feel more confident when attending networking events in the future."

Angela Metcalfe (Backhouse Insurance Services)

"Stacks of useful information backed up with lots of experience and knowledge. It’s always a challenge to meet the needs of a diverse group but the trainer excelled at this."

Alan O'Donohoe (EXA Networks)

"The networking training really made me think, through a series of prompts, about what I do. The ability to get feedback from the group on the sixty second pitch was invaluable."

Anne Williamson (Customer Love)

"So much valuable content that I can take away and implement immediately, thank you."

Rebecca Catterall (WOWPreneurs)

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