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This interactive workshop will help build understanding and break down barriers between colleagues, managers and staff. We will demonstrate and explain differences between the way people think, behave and work. You’ll learn techniques for getting on with everyone, the importance of body language, simple confidence boosting tips, how to spot and maximise the benefit of different behavioural traits and much more. You’ll find out that, actually, we’re as different on the inside as we are on the outside.

Attend an interactive morning which will help you communicate more clearly and in ways which will improve teamwork and communication and optimise your relationships with others both in and out of work. Suitable for staff, managers and directors.

Workshops last 3 hours including a 15 minute comfort & coffee break. They can be run to order for groups of 6-10 on your site or at a suitable local venue. Prices start from £45pp for on-site delivery.  Includes printed notes to jot on and keep.

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workshop feedback

"Spot on, the right pace, nice and relaxed approach, very conducive to learning and the notes are brilliant, thanks!"

Mike Wilson (Affilius Group)

"Really exceeded my expectations and has given me some great tools to work with...I will certainly feel more confident when attending networking events in the future."

Angela Metcalfe (Backhouse Insurance Services)

"Stacks of useful information backed up with lots of experience and knowledge. It’s always a challenge to meet the needs of a diverse group but the trainer excelled at this."

Alan O'Donohoe (EXA Networks)

"The networking training really made me think, through a series of prompts, about what I do. The ability to get feedback from the group on the sixty second pitch was invaluable."

Anne Williamson (Customer Love)

"So much valuable content that I can take away and implement immediately, thank you."

Rebecca Catterall (WOWPreneurs)

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