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Part of the Lancashire based lovelocal group, lovelocaltraining provides small group business training to companies and individuals. We pride ourselves on running informative, interactive workshops which suit all types of learners. Techniques and approaches are simple yet effective and can be taken away and implemented immediately. Corporate rates are available for half day training either on or off-site.


Network with Confidence will help you and your staff maximise your ROI on every event you attend. Learn tips and tricks to look and feel more confident, how to craft the perfect 60-second pitch & much more.

Magic Meetings if you would you like to have more meaningful meetings that engage staff, achieve outcomes and don’t drag on for hours then this workshop is for you. Change the way you do meetings, for good, and turn tragic meetings into Magic Meetings!

A More Resilient You smart devices and 24-7 connectivity mean we’re always in touch but constantly distracted. Work-related stress, depression and anxiety are rife and impacting on home life too. Learn how to be more resilient, less stressed, more confident and happier.

Time Mastery don’t just manage time, master it. Learn simple techniques and productivity hacks to help you make the most out of every minute of life whether at work or at leisure. Whether you run your own business or just want to get more productive, this workshop is invaluable.

Comms & Teamwork find out what makes your team tick. Identify individual strengths and preferences, learn to understand how and why people are different, and how engagement and productivity can be enhanced via communicating in different ways to different people.

Delegates will be encouraged to practice skills and ask questions within the sessions. Workshops are hands on, informal and enjoyable, making them a great way to learn new skills which will turbo charge your business.

Corporate half day and full day rates are available for on or off-site training. Contact us for more information via the form below.


workshop feedback

"Spot on, the right pace, nice and relaxed approach, very conducive to learning and the notes are brilliant, thanks!"

Mike Wilson (Affilius Group)

"Really exceeded my expectations and has given me some great tools to work with...I will certainly feel more confident when attending networking events in the future."

Angela Metcalfe (Backhouse Insurance Services)

"Stacks of useful information backed up with lots of experience and knowledge. It’s always a challenge to meet the needs of a diverse group but the trainer excelled at this."

Alan O'Donohoe (EXA Networks)

"The networking training really made me think, through a series of prompts, about what I do. The ability to get feedback from the group on the sixty second pitch was invaluable."

Anne Williamson (Customer Love)

"So much valuable content that I can take away and implement immediately, thank you."

Rebecca Catterall (WOWPreneurs)

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